"PLA DE PETRACOS es ideal para ensaladas, incluso la que lleven dulces, a los sofritos y guisos les da un sabor muy personal, ideal para cocinar carrillada o cola de toro, y fantástico por su personalidad para las tostadas del desayuno”.

The taste

The tasting process aims to know, appreciate, and enjoy the taste through a sensory evaluation of the different shades of taste that are detected in extra virgin olive oils, which makes them to be very different from each other.

The tasting ritual
The tasting ritual

The stimuli to evaluate the taste are fruity in nose and bitter and spicy in palate.

Taking a special dark blue color glass (called tasting oil) and heating the olive oil inside up to a temperature of 28 degrees, we can perceive the fruity aroma, which reminds us of the variety of the olive and its degree of maturity in nose. We appreciate other notes to other fruit (apple, green, banana, etc), herbs or other vegetables (tomato, artichoke ..).

Then we sip a little bit and in our mouth we focus on the stimuli of the bitter and spicy, identifying the level that emerges those two elements.

The matching

Once the tasting is made and we have defined the tones of fruity, spicy and bitter grades, the next step is to select the adequate olive oil that goes well with every dish of the chosen menu. For example: intense fruity olive oil, which is slightly bitter, will combine well with desserts or sauces with sweet tones, compensating the final result.

Creation with extra virgin olive oil
Creation with extra virgin olive oil

The challenge of the future is the creation of dishes where the Extra Virgin olive oil is - an important component and not just a dressing:

  1. Salmorejo.
  2. White Garlic.
  3. Olive Oil Caviar with anchovy.
First Courses:
  1. Eggplant soup with yogurt in olive oil way. (F.Adria).
  2. Olive Oil Soup with orange and green olive. (F. Adria).
  3. Salted pie of olive oil.
Second Courses:
  1. Carpaccio of monkfish and cryfish to the olive oil and spring vinaigrette.
  2. Hocks of lamb in olive oil.
  1. Olive Oil Ice Cream.
  2. Dark chocolate with arberquina emulsion.